Once upon a time, in a parallel Gossip Universe

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 13, 2015 15:13:25 May 13, 2015 15:13:25

Jury photo call today in Cannes…

Sienna Miller and Jake Gyllenhaal. They’re friends, obviously. And just friends, of course. But again, once upon a time in a parallel Gossip Universe, this looks really, really good. Like great.

Maybe 5 years ago. This Sienna, as we’ve seen, it’s been a career turnaround. From Oscar nominated films to Broadway hits, Sienna’s now tasted prestige. She’s a judge now. She’s qualified to judge movies now. She’s feeling it too. And if costume is indication of character, which these people should know a lot about, this is the part she’s playing. First official press day in Cannes and she chooses grey and black and below the knee.

Wenn, Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/ Samir Hussein/ George Pimentel/ Gisela Schober/ Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images

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