As I reported exclusively last week, Jake Gyllenhaal and Isabel Lucas are hooking up in Montreal, were seen just before Easter weekend at a restaurant/lounge called Garde Manger getting sweet on each other. Click here for a refresher. This weekend Jakey’s ma flew in to hang out with him. He was spotted at brunch, in a grey hoodie, with mom at a Byblos Le Petit Cafe where they were joined by Isabel (very tanned, very beautiful)... and eyewitnesses tell me they kissed when she arrived (thanks Vicky!) I hear they’ve been spending an awful lot of time together.

Everyone who has seen Jakey in Montreal says the same thing: Lainey, he is SO HOT.

He really really is. And the two of them now, it’s like Gisele & Tom territory. It’s almost too much.

This is Jake last Friday in Chicago for a quick location shoot with Michelle Monaghan.

Photos from Kevin Crowley/Splashnewsonline.com