Where were you Jakey?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 4, 2010 07:51:02 January 4, 2010 07:51:02

This is Jake Gyllenhaal arriving at LAX yesterday. Not sure where he was. But we all have our theories.

As you know, Jakey and Reese Witherspoon are over. He did however spend some time in late December just before Christmas in New York, spotted hanging out with friends at a charity benefit. Curiously enough, Reese a few days later was also in New York. The two were never reported together.

However Reese was still in NYC on Christmas Day. Odd, non? She is devoted to her children. Her children were not with her. They were presumably back in Los Angeles with dad. Perhaps that was the arrangement this year with the ex husband? That Ava and Deacon hang with Ryan and Abbie instead? Still… my smutty senses were tingling about that.

Reese on Christmas Day alone in New York. Or was she?

Sure they broke up. But they broke up before too. And no one seems to be ruling out a reconciliation. There’s a mystery here. Keep you posted.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and GVK/Bauergriffinonline.com

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