Meryl Streep was honoured with the Golden Bear Award at the Berlinale last night with Jake Gyllenhaal presenting. Jake grew up hanging out with Meryl's son and he told a story about the two of them, being young and bratty, getting into trouble, and how he was afraid of Mrs Streep back then. And now.

The details of their shenanigans are not important. What's important is what happens when she takes the stage and gracefully and hilariously thanks him. I have, at various times, now and again, wanted to sleep with Jakey G, but never before until now, have I wanted to BE Jakey G. He used to play at Ms Streep's house! Ms Streep used to give him the gears! She's STILL giving him the gears!

Meryl is magnificent. And if this is the kind of speech she's planning should she surge over Viola Davis a week Sunday, well, we all win. This is a good way to end your day.