Right after romancing Isabel Lucas in Montreal on Thursday night – click here for more details – Jake Gyllenhaal flew to San Francisco to spend time with the gamers and the geeks to promote Prince of Persia. Jakey has wanted a franchise for a while now. He’s wanted it since Spiderman. And now he’s finally fronting his very own major summer blockbuster. With Jerry Bruckheimer too.


While I’ve no doubt Prince of Persia will be big business, because “family” movies are big business, at the same time family doesn’t have to suck… and Prince, well, I worry about Prince. I worry that it’ll suck. Or fall flat. Or something. Something seems off. Maybe I’m biased against his terrible English accent.
But look at that face. His smile. Is that a movie star smile or what? Goddamn he is handsome. There’s an opening on the Freebie 5. He is being considered.

Prince of Persia opens May 28th.

Photos from Tim Mosenfelder/Gettyimages.com and Wenn.com