There was a quake today measuring 5.5 in Central Canada affecting parts of Ontario and Quebec and some northern areas of the US. The earth is so mad as us right now. Really, really mad.

Just received this email from Natasha W:

I am a long time reader. I just survived a 5.5 earthquake and feel like nervous cat right now. Could you give me some good Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Kitsch in Smutty Shout-outs? I could have died! Their hotness will make me feel better!

I need to lie down... and find an Adavan.



But Jakey is listening. Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed in Beverly Hills yesterday. And for extra extra relief, have you seen Jake cooking with Ellen? This video always gives me the squees. And he’s HOT in the kitchen. The pan flip? Please. Stop resisting.

Hope you’re ok Natasha.

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