So says everyone around Jake Gyllenhaal. In the August issue of Details Jake G has a new interview to promote Southpaw, and as such, there’s a lot of talk about his training and body transformation and how tough he is, learning to take and throw punches. There are also quotes from Everest director Baltasar Kormakur about how harsh the conditions were shooting that movie, and how Jake G was the one pushing for more takes in sub-zero temperatures. Look—I don’t doubt the guy’s commitment, nor do I argue his results. I love Nightcrawler and End of Watch and his work with Denis Villeneuve, and Southpaw and Everest both look good. But is this Jake’s new narrative? Is he going to be this guy? This is the second un-fun print interview he’s given recently. Please don’t become this guy, Jake.

I don’t understand how Jake G can be so f*cking delightful, and then be such a sour puss all of a sudden, and seemingly only in print interviews. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but a lot of this interview is dedicated to talking about how he’s “come out of his shell” and how he’s more Man now than he was before. Man = un-fun? Is that the equation? Because Chris Pratt would beg to differ. No one doubts Chris Pratt’s man credentials—Chris Pratt is A Man. But he is funny, charming, and humble regardless of the forum. (Lainey: same goes for Channing Tatum.) And somehow he manages to talk about the craft without being too actory about it. Jake G has remade himself as an actor, but he seems to have lost some of the sparkle that made him a star in the first place. I need him to appear on a talk show so we can see whether or not this nonfunitis infection is spreading, or if it’s just limited to print interviews. If so, I will never read another Jake G profile again.

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