Jake Gyllenhaal was at the Palm Springs Film Festival this weekend to present to Natalie Portman. They dated briefly and have remained close. Which is probably not the way to characterise his relationship with Taylor Swift. They dated briefly too. And then Jakey bailed because he was too embarrassed. Like high school. And he doesn’t want to talk about it either.

Jake of course was uncomfortable not only with the attention he and Swifty were attracting but also with the criticism. She’s too young, she’s too dumb, she’s not Anne/Natalie/Kate/the girls we want you to choose. And when he’s this cute, as he was on stage, it’s easy to forget he was so weak.

But the fact is…he was weak. It was a dick loser move. And let’s not blame the girl just because this is a sexy boy.

Having said that, you have said you want him with someone more… mature.

How’s Carey Mulligan for that then?


Jakey found time to talk to and pose with Carey backstage. To my knowledge, that’s all that happened. There is no “more” to the photo. But it would be good for award season. And it would be bad for Shia’s ego too. It would also, though, be terrible for Carey’s heart. She’s already been disappointed by one Hollywood movie star. She doesn’t need to be disappointed again by a Jake who cuts and runs. In other words, great for gossip.

Photos from Wenn.com and John Shearer/Frazer Harrison/Michael Buckner/Gettyimages.com