Jake Gyllenhaal looked very handsome shooting a new film called Demolition at JFK airport in New York today. Jakey plays an investment banker so, I imagine, the wardrobe calls for no thick facial hair and really good clothes: a beautiful sweater, great pants, good shoes…

Mostly though, I just like staring at his face. He has such gorgeous eyes. Poor guy. Look at him eating his sandwich all by himself.

Is it because he’s tired? He’s been working back to back to back. Demolition is his third project this year.

No, actually, it’s because his character is a widow. His life is falling apart. And then eventually another woman comes along and makes the sads go away. Naomi Watts is the female lead. Lots of connections going on in this movie. Naomi, as you know, used to date Jake’s deceased best friend, Heath Ledger. And Jean-Marc Vallee is directing Demolition, his follow-up to Wild which stars Jake’s ex Reese Witherspoon.