Kiki, Reese, Taylor...

No more blondes?

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal walking around New York on Friday with his best friend Austin Nichols and a new dark-haired girl on his arm, and attached to his hand. It’s been three days and, at press time, she’s yet to be identified. Not that the effort hasn’t been there. They’re all trying, trust me. And if it’s taken this long it’s probably because 1. she has no other fame connections beyond him and 2. he’s keeping his sh-t tight, and no one has sold them out (yet). She has a very Toronto face to me. I feel like I’ve seen her before.

But according to Gossip Cop they’re just friends and have been for a long time. According to Photo Assumption, at one point or another, casually or not, they’ve been more than friends, and more than once.

Jakey’s been steady in New York performing off Broadway in the play If There Is I haven’t Found It Yet. Apparently he speaks with an English accent in character which The Hollywood Reporter described as “flawless”. I guess he’s been working on it since Prince Of Persia. Will there be a sequel? Doesn’t sound like he’d do it even if the studio wanted to. Jake told THR recently that from now on, he’ll only be working on projects with the same level of commitment and care as End Of Watch and If There Is. It would appear that he no longer wants to be a superhero. Until they offer him the next Batman. Then what?