This video kills me. Because it makes no f-cking sense. But first, auto-tune needs to die.

So it’s Jamie Foxx. He has a new album. He’s released a new video full of celebrity cameos – Samuel L Jackson, Forrest Whitaker, Quincy Jones, Ashley from Fresh Prince, some blonde lady that looks familiar but is distinctly B list, and Ron Howard and Jake Gyllenhaal.


Ron Howard playing a player in da club.

Like I said, there’s no logic. But you will laugh your ass off.

And then…Jakey. Jakey in a scarf and trilby all cool and bad ass and HOT. He does a slow head bop and turns to the side and in that moment you forget how he wears his pants. Unfortunately, as gorgeous as he is, he and his famous friends still can’t help with the song. The song sucks.

Thanks Alfie!


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