It was announced this week that Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, will be a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The first trailer and the poster were released yesterday. This is the movie for which Jakey lost 20 lbs. So…definitely not Prince Of Persia.

And I say that on purpose. Because maybe, 10 years from now, he’ll look back on Prince Of Persia as a good decision. A good decision in that its disappointment led to a reset on his career. And that reset has resulted in really, really good choices ever since, the kind of choices you thought he would be making after Donnie Darko, the kind of choices made by an Actor, and not a Movie Star. Which is why he’s been great in every single one. Judging by this preview, he’s going to be great in Nightcrawler too, and as creepy and intense as we’ve ever seen him…which, actually, going back to Donnie Darko, is not a bad place for him to be.

Also, it’s official. Rene Russo doesn’t age.