Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal shooting Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals yesterday in Manhattan Beach, California and looking pissy in the rain in one scene.

We’ve been talking today about the Sexiest Man Alive announcement and whether or not David Beckham was always the first and only choice. By now though, Jake Gyllenhaal could totally have been the SMA, don’t you think? And it would have been a much more relevant choice.

But you know Jakey. And since The Prince Of Persia, Jakey’s decided that the SMA is not where he wants to live. Kinda like Ryan Gosling. And Leonardo DiCaprio, who has never been the Sexiest Man Alive and could have easily held the title, if he’d been interested in that sort of thing. Right now, Jake would rather accept a different honour.

It was announced today that he will receive Variety’s International Star of the Year Award at the Dubai International Film Festival in December. Of the selection, Variety explained:

“Jake Gyllenhaal’s promise as an actor was clear almost from the beginning of his illustrious career. ‘Donnie Darko’ is a cult classic and his work in films such as ‘October Sky,’ ‘The Good Girl’ and ‘Moonlight Mile’ signalled the emergence of a major new acting talent. While his Oscar-nominated turn in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ delivered on that promise, the last few years have witnessed an explosion of great work that matches the best actors of any generation. ‘Southpaw,’ ‘Nightcrawler,’ ‘Enemy,’ ‘Prisoners,’ ‘Everest,’ and ‘End of Watch’ all demonstrate this vital young artist’s skills, amazing range, and the depths to which he’ll travel to find his own unique truth and personal insights into each of these complex and often haunted characters.”

That’s definitely more on-brand for who Jakey is in 2015. So no SMA but, eventually, an Oscar? Eventually, probably. This year, probably not, even though in the summer they were talking about a campaign for his performance in Southpaw. As we go deep into award season though, he’s not part of that conversation. He should have totally been part of the conversation last year for Nightcrawler over Bradley Cooper in American Sniper, God. Clearly I still have feelings about this.