Mass swoon over Jake Gyllenhaal

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 26, 2010 07:02:00 May 26, 2010 07:02:00

“He basically makes ur pants evaporate” – received on Messenger at 6:01pm ET from one of my etalk colleagues re: Jake Gyllenhaal’s appearance on Live @etalk.

One after another, my friends bombed my Blackberry with Jakey love. And all of them noted first that it was his charm, his personality, that came before the hotness. He is funny and dorky and really nice and sweet with the bluest blue eyes and the sexiest sh-t eating smirk, all of it enhanced by that elusive “star quality”. Jake Gyllenhaal is a Movie Star. A true Movie Star. And remember, this isn’t coming from superfan losers and stalkers. This is observation from people who work with celebrities every day, they see it all the time. For jaded television people, the default position is to dislike. Somehow Jakey G swept through that building and won them all.

It could have been the dancing? He did indeed bust out the goofy dancing in the commercial break. And he was great with fans. And he was great about photos. And, ugh, Laura recommended what he should order for dinner and he took her advice. It was healthy. After they discussed Bono’s surgery and the postponement of the U2 tour. Jake was sad to hear about Bono. So now she has another experience to lord over my head, in addition to the story she loves to tell about talking on the phone once for an interview with Johnny Depp – yes JOHNNY DEPP – and making him laugh, ranking as one of the major accomplishments of her life. I really need new friends.

So apparently, according to all the bitches I work with, Jakey G is indeed perfect. I’m thinking then that maybe the pants problem is a good thing. Jake can’t be perfect. Because perfection, it can be creepy, an invitation to disaster. Maybe then the pants problem is a way to balance that, to hold back the forces that are inevitably attracted to the destruction of perfection. There’s really not much else wrong with him.

Photos from CTV

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