Jake Gyllenhaal is currently shooting Stronger, based on Jeff Bauman’s story, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Here he is in character and costume on set yesterday….

SO young, right?

With the hair and no beard, he’s easily 10 years younger than he actually is. And if you had shown me these photos without a caption, from afar, I would have wondered if they were taken during his Donnie Darko days. Before he became a “hunk”. When he was still growing into his features. Jake isn’t conventionally “pretty” like, say, Zac Efron. This, to me, is where he lives, how he’s shaped his life view. Zac Efron approaches every situation like he knows he’s pretty. Jake Gyllenhaal still feels like he’s the guy who was Donnie Darko. And why, perhaps, he’s best at the offbeat roles.

As you know, as Joanna mentioned a few weeks ago, there are currently two Boston Marathon films in production right now. The other one stars Marky Mark, playing a police officer, basically acting his statement from a few years ago when he said he could have stopped 9/11. You can see the difference in the approach. Mark Wahlberg wants to tell the hero story. Jake Gyllenhaal’s version of heroism is from the perspective of the survivor.