Said this before, will say again, I love watching Jake Gyllenhaal on Ellen. They have a really cute chemistry. My favourite is from years ago when he kept calling her on his birthday. Have you watched that back lately? His voice is hilarious, the way it gets more and more despondent.

The cooking one was pretty great too.

Also, all the times she asks him to take his shirt off. Which has become a running theme during his visits.
Jake was back on Ellen this week to promote Nocturnal Animals. Part of the interview got f-cked up because his mic went out. I bet you from now on they’re going to have a stick mic tucked into the guest chair. That’s what we do on The Social. Yes, because one time we had a mic go out on the guest. And our show is only in its 4th season. Is this the first time a mic has ever gone out on a guest on Ellen? If so, that’s a great streak.

Anyway, Ellen is a big fan of Jake. And she’s a big fan of his work in Nocturnal Animals. Sarah saw the film at TIFF and reviewed it here. As I wrote the other day, Jake Gyllenhaal, undeniably, is the class of his acting generation, doing better work than people who get a lot more attention, Leonardo DiCaprio. Ellen apparently agrees because she tells him that he’s due for an Oscar nomination for this film. And then, somehow, we go back to him taking his shirt off and she gets him to promise that he’ll take his shirt off for her on her show if he is indeed nominated. So. Now it’s in all our best interests for Jake to be properly recognised. Also if he could be shirtless while playing basketball that would be great too.