Jakey G came home for his birthday, is hopefully staying for the holidays with Reese and her kids while Ryan Phillippe’s carby face is in Australia with Abbie Cornish. As you can see, they celebrated with the paps by enjoying a candlelit dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica the other night, ensuring one last box office push for Four Christmases which has already grossed over $100 million and could see another surge this week as everyone takes time off and heads to the cinema.

Though it doesn’t mean their love isn’t legitimate, Reese has never had qualms about conveniently selling a part of her personal life on certain occasions. She has an Oscar to show for it.

Next day, she and Jakey were spotted having pizza for lunch with young Deacon. Am I imagining things or is he wearing his pants…So.Much.Better???

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Bauergriffinonline.com