Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed visiting a friend this weekend in LA, dressed down in torn khakis and flipflops and a lot facial hair. There might also be a little too much carbohydrate activity happening in his life right now too. Something about the way his shirt is hanging – or not hanging – off of him and these pants around in hips...being cut every day, all year, it can be exhausting.

Jakey does apparently like to stay in shape by hitting up a yoga class now and again. Supposedly he and Rachel Bilson were there at the same time the other day (source) and now there’s speculation the two of them are hooking up...

Which is, for her, a total upgrade yes. After all, this is a girl who desperately needs a job. But for him? He doesn’t need a job. And he certainly doesn’t need a tv girl who’ll try to leverage one out of him. Also, if we’re really considering Rachels here, Bilson is the wrong one.

McAdams is the only.

Photos from Flynetonline.com