But no Jake & Rachel…at least not yet.

A thoughtful Jake Gyllenhaal was working on Demolition at Coney Island yesterday shooting some scenes on his own before frolicking on the beach with co-star Naomi Watts. God he is handsome. And even though I know f-ck all about superheroes, I agree with Sarah’s wish-list for Dr Strange now that Joaquin Phoenix has dropped out. She posted it yesterday – click here for a refresher. Jake could totally do it. But I wonder if he’d want it. He wanted it when Spider-Man was Tobey Maguire, remember? Then Prince Of Persia kinda put him off on BIG MOVIES.

Still, Marvel is not Bruckheimer, even though there’s a beast that comes along with the Marvel Universe too.

Monday was a full schedule for Jake. In the evening he attended The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences new member reception, at one point posing with Lucy Liu. Heads up for all my friends - next time you want to photoshop me a birthday card, use this one.