I know you’re looking where I’m looking

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2010 06:21:00 September 20, 2010 06:21:00

At his ass crack, right? Don’t lie. I know.

This is Jakey G. Taking his underwear off in a new promotional poster for Love & Other Drugs. To be honest, it’s a little, um, base for my preference. A questionable tactic in selling the film, because if the film is as strong as they say it is, I don’t, frankly, have to be enticed by Jake Gyllenhaal slipping off his boxers. It’s a little embarrassing, non? The kind of sh-t Kellan Lutz has to resort to?

Jake Gyllenhaal is NOT Kellan Lutz. Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t pathetic.

Nice to look at? Sure. OF COURSE.

But Jakey is so much more than an invitation to look at his ass crack. Which is where I’ve been looking. At the groove in between his legs trying to see the balls they’ve cleverly covered with shadow and light. Fun indeed but terribly unnecessary...

Or is it?

Love & Other Drugs
was supposed to be good enough to factor in come awards season. Maybe they’re getting nervous. Maybe it’s not holding up. Maybe they think they have to sell it to horny housewives with a teaser shot of Jakey’s business.

But I was sold already on the trailer, and especially the second trailer. And all the flirty, player, lover, loving, tearful faces he makes in only two and a half minutes. So much better than this cheesy Playgirl poster. Hate it this cheesy Playgirl poster.

*since determined to be photoshopped, a story I missed during TIFF. Conclusion: Kellan Lutz is still desperate. Jakey G is not.

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