Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed walking his dog yesterday. That’s what the photo agency is saying. But that dog looks a lot like Charlie, Alyssa Miller’s dog. Alyssa Miller is the Sports Illustrated model he’s dating – click here for a refresher. Click here to see shots of Alyssa with Charlie. So he’s walking his girlfriend’s dog. They’ve been loving each other all over NYC this summer, most recently out on their bikes, kissing and hugging. Seems like a proper relationship now. And Jakey, like Leonardo DiCaprio, is now having to manage his privacy while romancing in the era of the social network.

Alyssa celebrated her 24th birthday on July 4th. Yesterday she posted a photo of what appear to be birthday gifts, beautifully wrapped, on Instagram with the caption “spoiled”:

That’s a nice looking hand. A man’s hand. With a pinky ring. You know who’s been known to wear a (ugh) pinky ring? Jake Gyllenhaal.