Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon continue to deny through their reps that they’ve broken up, and he referred to his “girlfriend” last week at a press junket for Brothers, but they’ve yet to be seen together since well before their supposed split, and last night, according to People, Jake stepped out as his sister’s date at the premiere of her new film Crazy Heart.

Maggie, sexy as hell, decided to wear a dress that does not photograph well. What’s up Michelle?

However, as noted by People, Maggie is tight with Reese and Reese did attend a private screening of Crazy Heart on Monday at CAA in support of her friend. While Jakey declined photographs with Maggie last night however, Reese was shot in the afternoon hanging out with her son Deacon. Am told the paps and tabloids are trying to follow both Reese and Jakey very closely these days with limited success.

Break up or not? It is still not conclusive. There are convincing arguments for both sides.

As for Crazy Heart, it’s another complicated, interesting role for Maggie alongside the real star of the film Jeff Bridges. They are calling it the performance of his career and he is surging now as a very compelling candidate for Best Actor. By the way…in person? Bridges is SO f-cking handsome.

Photos from Wenn.com