Jake’s new shepherd

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Jake Gyllenhaal was in New York for Thanksgiving. Gossip Pop Quiz: You remember how he spent Thanksgiving four years ago? He was in Brooklyn. He went for a walk. With who?

Come on. You know this. It yielded years of conversation. Click here to see the pictures.

Anyway, this year at Thanksgiving, he’s spending it with a new love…

This German Shepherd looks young. What a great face. Of all dogs I’ve ever seen, I think shepherds have the best gait. They’re gorgeous lopers. A lot of dog people attach to certain breeds. Like for us, we’re beagle people. We have two beagles. Jacek’s parents are partial to schnauzers. Mariah Carey is all about Jack Russell terriers. Jake appears to be a German shepherd man. We used to see a lot of shots of him with his shepherd Atticus. Atticus came around the time he was still seeing Kirsten Dunst. So, for a Shepherd, that’s at least 10 years. Atticus would have been getting on. This makes me really sad and it’s hard not to relate to because we have a senior dog, 11 and a half. Afterwards…well…I’m told you either adopt a new dog right away or you never adopt another dog again because it’s too heartbreaking.


But the time you get to spend with them…

It’s the best. It’s the f-cking best.

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