Jake Gyllenhaal has been in Toronto shooting a movie with Denis Villeneuve. But what does he do during down time? Summer dating! He picked up a girl at the hotel for a drink a couple of weeks ago. And there’s a server from a popular Italian restaurant in town - with several locations - who went shopping the other day because she said she had a date with Jake. Can you imagine being that girl? You’re, I dunno, 25 years old. You go to work one day. He’s at your table. And smiling leads to laughing leads to talking leads to Jake f-cking Gyllenhaal asking what you’re doing tomorrow night and whether or not you want to get together...? Then you wonder - is it just me? Is there someone else from the Mexican restaurant and the Chinese one too? I keep hoping he hooks up with his co-star Sarah Gadon. She’s so sweet and pretty.

Anyway, if you’re wondering who Jake dined with last night it was Denis Villeneuve at Ursa on Queen West. (thanks Sarah!)

As for these photos - I searched his name on the photo database just now hoping to find new pictures to use and for some reason, these old ones with Kirsten Dunst turned up that I don’t remember seeing before. It was February 2004. They were at Staples Centre for the NBA All-Star Game trying to catch t-shirts that were being thrown into the crowd. I find this really endearing. She was a horrible bitch to him - and Sarah from Cinesnark can fill you on those details another time - but for a while there I loved them so much.