Jake Gyllenhaal was not at the ACM Awards last night. He was however represented by two exes. As already noted, Reese Witherspoon was there to present and jizzed all over everyone in her chicken drum stick dress including Taylor Swift, who pulled out her “oh gosh, I don’t believe it” move at the end of the night when she was declared the ACM Entertainer of the Year. And what would Carrie Underwood have to say about that? 

“She’s lucky she wasn’t up against me”? 

Carrie wasn’t nominated this year because her album hasn’t come out yet. 

But there’s nothing like a boy to bond two girls. And this is clearly the case between Reese and Swifty last night. Hugs and arm touches and big sugary smiles all around. 

Photos from Wenn.com and Christopher Polk/ACMA2011/Gettyimages.com