Jake Gyllenhaal’s interview on Letterman aired last night. He’s adorable. The entire time he’s adorable. So I’ve posted the full clip for you at the bottom of this post and, since it’s a slow day, I recommend watching all of it.

Jake and Dave have great chemistry. It’s like they’re a comedy duo. And it’s because Jake’s been visiting for years, even though Dave doesn’t always remember it. Turns out, he was on when he was 16 for October Sky…to Dave’s surprise. It’s a cute, charming moment. But it’s all cute and all charming because, well, Jake is so good at this thing, this talk show thing.

He’s also great at not laughing whenever Dave says “Nightcrawlers” because he clearly doesn’t know the proper name of the movie. And he’s delightful when he sasses Dave for his reaction to bringing up End Of Watch. You’ll note, even though Jake right now seems like he has a better chance at an Oscar nomination than Jennifer Aniston, Dave doesn’t jump right up has ass – no mention of Oscar at all.

Instead they spend time talking about Jake’s upcoming Broadway performance in Constellations. It will be a love story. And I think I’m going to have to fly to New York and see it for myself because, sorry to be a “chick” here, but I do love Jake in a romance. I think I’m the only one who enjoyed him in Love And Other Drugs because…didn’t you want him to be your boyfriend in Love And Other Drugs? Didn’t you want to be Anne Hathaway (without the chronic illness)?

Wouldn’t you want Jake Gyllenhaal to “salmon” you?

That’s not how I normally picture him putting his hand between my legs but I’ll take it. I may have mentioned before, my best friend Fiona counts salmon for a living; she studies salmon migration. I’m totally doing this to her when I see her.