I was just wondering if you caught Oprah the other day where she had James Frey on again and tore him a new arse in front of millions. I honestly felt quite sorry for the guy... he looked like a scared little pup as he sat there. I mean she was so imperious and pompous I was squirming myself as I watched it. I genuinely felt anxious and stressed... I could feel ulcers forming. It felt like the scene from Alice in Wonderland and I thought Queen Oprah would start yelling "off with his head" or something. I think it was more about how she was so veddy, veddy embarrassed by the whole situation ... You have been very bad James, you lied James.... I mean crap, who does not embellish a story here and there to make it more interesting. I know I have done it... I really think when the Smoking Gun started digging up all this sh*t on him.. it was more to embarrass her and perhaps bring her down a peg or two. Seriously, when the headlines the next day say things like..."Oprah exacts revenge" "Don"t cross Oprah" "You Don"t mess with Oprah" etc. etc. isn"t it all a bit much? Maybe the Smoking Gun really feels she is getting too big for her britches... I used to adore this woman and while I don"t deny she does many wonderful charitable deeds I still feel the underlying motive is that it is all about her... people (i.e. her audience) just worship her way too much these days. For crying out loud... some are starting a petition to get her the Nobel Prize... can you even imagine? Anyway... just wondered what your thoughts were on this .. oh, and I did read the book and even though I know now that some of it was bullsh*t... I still enjoyed it just the same. Dear Sharon, I know this is not a book site and so I"ll keep it brief but I"ve received a flood of emails about this so I thought I"d give it a quick mention right now. I read the book. I loved the book. The new truth about the book doesn"t change my perspective. He was an addict, he went to rehab, he"s been clean for 13 years, and that"s the message I"ll take away. I watched 3 minutes of the Oprah lashing online and I had to turn it off because I felt embarassed…not for him, but for her. To me, the whole thing stank of mob attack and as much as I love the Mighty Opes, I felt her treatment of this issue was completely over the top. As always, I welcome your thoughts.