We all know it’s coming. The wages for being universally popular all at once are that you will then get a wave of backlash and unpopularity all at once. This, of course, is directly proportionate to the number and breadth of high-profile people who say they love you.

Not that I don’t love Carpool Karaoke, because I do, but after the Tonys and everything else, I would hope I’d be shocked and delighted that there was a Carpool Karaoke bit, not just satisfied that I was right to assume there would be. In addition to which, James Corden answered, when asked who he’d want from tonight’s Emmy broadcast on the show, “Beyoncé.” He just said it out in the open like that, tempting fate. I’m not saying that’s why we didn’t see her tonight, but….

All I’m saying is, here’s a short list of people or acts I’d like to see do Carpool Karaoke before it becomes the kind of thing you fast-forward through during Saturday Night Live:

Oprah and Gayle, both
Anna Kendrick, actually in the car for real.
Helena from Orphan Black
Lauren Graham
Luke & Owen Wilson
The Backyardigans
Key & Peele
Barbara Walters

Then a hiatus, and James Corden can perform and do other stuff and then bring it back with a 3-part series with Celine Dion.