The way he and Sean Penn meet at the beginning of Milk is the cutest, sexiest scene ever and left me tingling for the rest of the two hours, which quickly turned to bitterness now remembering how Laura would not let me sit on his lap at Sundance 2 years ago when he invited me onto it. Sigh. James Franco can flirt adorably.

But it’s beyond his solid performance in Milk, and more than just that rakish charm that is bringing his #1 quiver. The Freebie Five has been updated to reflect it. And the reason?

This article about Franco going back to school at UCLA, throwing himself into a punishing schedule, what he studied, why he studied, and how he’s continuing to study, enrolled in THREE New York master’s programs: MFA (writing) at Columbia, creative writing at Brooklyn College, and directing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Well no wonder he looks clammy all the time. His head is about to explode.

Read about it here.

Like… I love him. So much. He could have limited his pursuits to nailing Hollywood twats every night of the week but instead decided to throw himself balls deep in book sh-t.

Would you do the same? If only I could have started university at 28 instead of 18, I would have valued it so much more.

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