No Khaleesi!

James Franco and Jorah Mormont: which is sh-t and which is diarrhoea?

Page Six reports that James Franco and our Khaleesi were at an art fair in New York together on Saturday looking rather “friendly”, suggesting that “friendly” is a euphemism for “flirty”. Danaerys Stormborn would have been bored by the Artist’s pretentious lecturing. Emilia Clarke, having been trained on Oscar hosts by Seth MacFarlane, is apparently far more tolerant.

Emilia is super popular right now. If this is true, it’s quite an upgrade for Franco from Ashley Benson. It’s OK if you have to struggle to remember Ashley Benson and initially confused her for Ashley Greene. This is the point. The Mother of Dragons is a much more prized trophy.

Unfortunately last week at the MET Gala, the Mother of Dragons forgot who she was and showed up in a boring red strapless red dress with no firebreathers and a cross in one ear. For all the other people who came inspired by Game Of Thrones, with their braids and medieval stylings, you’d think the Khaleesi could have thrown it down a little harder.