But first...

A quick update on the Loser of 2012, Lindsay Lohan. Lohan bailed on Barbara Walters on the good advice of her new PR team. Instead she’s doing The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Barbara is mad. And she played a clip from Part 1 of their interview, conducted in the summer, on The View:

Conversations with people like this are infuriating. All they want to do is get out their catchphrases. Which is how “I’m a survivor” ended up in a sentence that had nothing to do with surviving. Best part of this is what was happening off-camera. I heard from a source that they kept having to swat away a fruit fly that would not leave Lohan alone. It’s like she’s ... festering... all the time.

In other Lohan news, a new trailer for The Canyons has just been released. Sarah wrote a great piece last month about The Canyons and the sexploitation homage. Click here if you missed it. As she posits, you have to be some kind of film student art master to get it. Oh hi James Franco.

Franco has been nominated for a National Entertainment Journalism award for his Huffington Post blogs. He humble bragged about it on his most recent entry - click here to read. In short,  Franco is inspiring a new generation of Dead Poet Societies now and if you can’t appreciate that it only means you’re jealous. Because in James Franco’s world, there are only two options: admiration or envy.

Will The Canyons meet Dr Franco’s artistic standard then? Sure. But it probably would have been better if he’d just done it himself.