Why haven't we sent this request to the Gossip Genie yet? The aloof Rooney Mara and James Franco Went To Film School - they're perfectly pretentious for each other. You like it? I like it. I love it. Or...how does Franco the Artist compare to David Fincher the Artist? Having tasted true genius - debatable, if you ask me - does Franco's amateur poetry lose its appeal?

Here's Franco earlier this week at a screening for his My Own Private River, featuring footage of River Phoenix from My Own Private Idaho. It was a year ago that Franco half assed hosting at the Oscars and then scurried away like a high school sophomore with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

This year it's Rooney Mara at the Oscars, nominated for Best Actress. Here's what's biting my ass about her inclusion among the top 5: was her performance that much better than Noomi Rapace's? Can you say that it was unforgettably, unquestionably superior?

Noomi Rapace wasn't nominated for an Oscar. I'm just saying.

Something nice? Rooney looked great last night at the Costume Design Awards. I would have gone with different shoes but she does look really good nonetheless.