James Franco's new art exhibit is called Gay Town. It’s showing in Berlin. Click here if you want to go. But first, maybe check out a few of the pieces here because you might want to save your money.

Apparently Kristen Stewart provided some inspiration? As you can see, Franco features “K-STEW” as Snow White with her ass out. Oh but that is deep, non? Because she put her ass out for her director in Snow White AND her ass was crucified by the public for her indiscretion. I’m not actually sure we should give him that much credit.

Obviously only a real artist could have produced the bicycle wheel/spider web. Laura noted yesterday as we were, um, admiring Franco’s work together, that it’s certainly superior to Emile Hirsch’s. Definitely the sh-t to Hirsch’s diarrhoea.

Jesus, have you seen Emile Hirsch’s art? Click here. One of his “self portraits” hilariously looks like Robert Pattinson which...is this how Emile Hirsch pictures Emile Hirsch? It adds another dimension to the time Laura and I had to listen to Emile Hirsch giving Pattinson a film class lecture in Cannes. Click here for a refresher.

Franco’s self portraits are somewhat more realistic...I guess? How about James Franco The Thinker? Also, does his penis have gangrene? (Oh God Oh God Oh God...I just googled “gangrene penis” just to see if it’s possible. DO NOT DO THIS BECAUSE IT IS POSSIBLE NOW I KNOW AND WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UN-KNOW.)

We’ll be seeing a lot of James Franco in the next few weeks as we approach the release of Oz: The Great and Powerful. To promote the film, Franco appears on the cover of the new issue of Details, the most attractive he’s looked in a long time. The interview, naturally, is five pages of MEGA EYE-ROLL. I don’t want to spoil it for you because this sh-t is best enjoyed straight up in sequence but here’s a hint:

At one point the reporter asks his questions...


And Franco answers...



This, YES, is what you should be reading at lunch. Click here for the full James Franco article in Details.

And then when you’re done trying to make sense of James Franco on James Franco, and the 18 ridiculously pretentious ways James Franco tries to explain James Franco, click here to revisit the amazing Zadie Smith interview in Interview Magazine. The great ones never make it sound fancy and complicated. And if you’d like to continue on this internet wormhole, George Saunders on Charlie Rose a few weeks ago was pretty awesome too. Everyone wants Saunders to write a novel, a proper novel. And Saunders wants to too. But, as he says, after spending three months on characters and plot, organising the sequences, sometimes all it takes is 10 pages and a short story. It’s... matter-of-fact and not magic. There’s no need to create mystery around the work. Click here to watch the Saunders interview with Charlie Rose. I just finished The Tenth Of December last week. This is one we’ll all be re-reading for years.