James Franco: 2 movie weekend

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 11, 2010 13:09:39 October 11, 2010 13:09:39

On Saturday it was the Your Highness panel at the NY Comic-Con. He and Danny McBride play Fabious and Thadeus and probably smoke a lot of dope and do some dumb sh-t. At least this is what I’m assuming and I won’t bother getting corrected.

Do you watch Eastbound & Down? If you do, there’s probably no question you’re seeing Your Highness. Me too. Kenny Powers is so f-cking offside hysterical, just thinking about his inappropriate bullsh-t makes me laugh. Like I’m still laughing right now thinking about it and it’s been several minutes. Anyway, if you haven’t had the pleasure, go rent season 1. It’s the best.

Final note on Your Highnessclick here for new stills from the movie. It’s due out next April.

For now Franco is focused on his dramas. Howl is playing in select cities, and he is continuing to generate major Oscar fever for 127 Hours which screened this weekend at the Hamptons Film Festival. Another trailer has just been released. Jesus that’s a lot of anxiety and it’s only two and a half minutes. Can you imagine? THAT IT’s REAL??? These are the stories that remind me, constantly, how weak and small I am, because I can’t honestly say that my will to live would have been as powerful as his.

Also, everything they are jizzing about is true. James Franco is extraordinary in this movie.

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