There’s a scene in 127 Hours that is so harrowing, someone actually bailed last night at the TIFF gala nd the paramedics were called. If you know the story of the dude who was trapped and had to extricate himself in extreme fashion, you probably have an idea of what that might be like.

Having said that, Franco is getting sick reviews for his performance in the film. He walked into the Vanity Fair party on Saturday night like the president, handshakes and a long line of sycophants eager to get in there, and of course, Franco the multi-dimensional artiste, he stops and talks for 15 minutes to the in-house photographer. Texture and technique?

He did look good though. Really good. Not too tired, and dressed very sharply in a suit, and his hair messy and hot, and when he and that sexy beast Sam Rockwell decided to summit in the middle of the room with a light conveniently focused on them like the star attraction, no that moment didn’t suck. At all.

More from the Vanity Fair party to come, including Marion and Canet and Josh Brolin and a few brief thoughts on Andrew Garfield.

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