Arguments for:
- He delivers an outstanding performance in 127 Hours and many say he will be nominated for an Oscar
- He has been everywhere – on daytime television, on the festival circuit, on talk shows, on SNL, in comedies, able to straddle art house pictures, comedies, and major motion picture releases
- He is supposedly a versatile artist, studying writing, directing, sculpture, and enrolled in every creative post graduate program available in New York
- He’s beautiful
- He is scandal-free

Arguments against:
- While Franco has certainly made inroads, he is still not mainstream enough
- Some people think he’s gay
- His artiness borders on annoying. Scratch that – to many people, his artiness IS annoying
- He isn’t courting that kind of image
- Though gorgeous, he looks like sh-t most of the time because he’s so tired

Odds: 30 to 1

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