And you can see him on Broadway too.

My friends are always rolling their eyes when I go off about my schedule. I can be insufferably martyr-y about having two jobs, sometimes three, and not sleeping much. As such, I can “oh yeah?” just about anyone when it comes to busy-ness. But not James Franco. As far up his own ass as he is, James Franco somehow manages to be everywhere and anywhere, and I don’t know how he keeps adding to his list of wheres to get to.

He’s now set to work with Nicole Kidman on Broadway in the Tennessee Williams play Sweet Bird of Youth in the fall (source). Franco has always said he’s looking to improve. And they say there’s no better way to improve as an actor than on stage. No problems here.

But what about James Franco 101? Many of you have been emailing about this the last couple of days. Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco is a 12 student programme that will be offered at Columbia College Hollywood where students will work on a half hour documentary based on James Franco film footage. Apparently Franco will actively participate with the students via skype and in person if his schedule allows (source).

Super. Meta.

Which is the kind way of saying it.

The unkind way of saying it is…that’s how an artist sucks his own dick?

To be fair, the course will be taught by Franco’s editor, and I suspect personal friend, Tyler Danna. It could be a classic case of getting a buddy a job. But … you have to figure James Franco can find other ways to get his buddy a job. This wasn’t only a favour, this was a favour that stroked the ego, played on the vanity. And as I wrote earlier about Gwyneth Paltrow, what’s obnoxious here is that James Franco said Yes.

Robert Duvall could say yes to this. Bill Murray could say yes to this too. Javier Bardem? Totally. Woody Harrelson? Yeah, I’ll sign up for that. But James Franco? James Franco in 5 years? Sure. James Franco now? What are we studying now? Tristan and Isolde? Please.

There’s a story that came out about Brad Pitt a few years ago that I remember impressed me a little, as far as Brange-related items are concerned. Pitt was invited to be on Inside the Actors Studio and he declined. The reason was that he didn’t think his body of work warranted an appearance. In other words, he was basically saying he doesn’t – not yet – consider himself to be the kind of actor that can, with a straight face, sit in front of students discussing “method” and “craft” when, let’s be honest, there was none of that in Troy.

Pitt may have had other reasons – and you haters will offer up several, I’m sure, including the fact that he’s not articulate or has stage fright or is simply a dick – but my point is that the spirit behind his “official” rationale for not wanting to be on Inside the Actors Studio is exactly what’s lacking from I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL as he tireless demonstrates what’s he learned there, and everywhere else.

It’s good to be curious, motivated, hardworking. It is also good to be humble. I’m not sure James Franco is humble. And I’m not sure you actually learn much when you’re not.

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