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I’m late on this, sorry.

But these photos…it’s worth it, right?

You may have seen a silent James Franco on Saturday Night Live last weekend during a skit in which he, playing himself, was ignored by Keenan Thompson on a talk show sketch. At the end of that sketch, he stood up to dance. And the f-cking graphics COVERED MOST OF HIS BODY. I shouted at the monitor. Very loudly.

James stood next to Spittle Gerry Butler during the finale, looking tired at the end of a long night. He had come straight to SNL from the New Yorker Festival where he discussed his work, he discussed his writing, he discussed his prosthetic penis from Milk, and he revealed that he owns the rights to The Broken Tower.


He’s perfect.

Of course General Hospital came up. And his amused response was that he thinks it’ll be a good time. He then elaborated that his stint on the soap is part of an ongoing collaboration with Carter. Daytime performance art? Performance art for the MiniVan Majority? James explained that he’s had to start catching up on the show now and that’s he’s becoming addicted to it. He hilariously told the audience that since it was announced that he’d be doing GH other actors have confessed their passion for soaps to him – namely Judd Apatow.

James seemed very shy, was hesitant to look out at the audience, tired as usual given his schedule between acting and being all arty and school and hopefully getting some ass now and again…

But he did take the time afterwards to talk to fans, pose for photos, engage the audience one on one, before dashing away to make it to SNL.

It’s easy to forget, non? James Franco is an ACTOR.

Thanks “Emily”!

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