You know how she namechecks, right? Lindsay Lohan? Like she’ll have dinner somewhere and maybe Johnny Depp will walk by and nod his head because he can’t be rude and five minutes later on Twitter, Lilo will be all like – Johnny Depp came by my table and wished me luck.

It happens all the time.

Or she’ll retween sh-t from her dumbass fans like – “OMG you’re so beautiful I love you and you are the best actress and will win an Oscar”. SO gross. In fact, retweeting compliments in general is gross. How goddamn vain are you that you need other people to know when someone tells you that you’re pretty? Or that they’re sorry?

Well, in James Franco’s case… very, very vain.

Click here for a refresher on that Bruce Vilanch situation. Vilanch has since emailed Franco to explain, say sorry.

And James actually POSTED the apology in its entirety on his Whosay/Twitter. Kinda like announcing to the world: See? Na na na na na na na. I was right all along.

God, when did he become so desperate? And he was just nominated for an Academy Award. He is still getting his share of first looks at scripts. But when faced with criticism, when he hears things he doesn’t want to hear, when not all of his press is positive, suddenly, he starts behaving like a full blown Try. It’s embarrassing…

To say nothing of his latest video. Like some kind of homage to himself, highlighting the nobility of his choices, as inspirational music blares in the background…and if we don’t like it, in a year or two, he gets to call it “performance art” or some kind of “creative experiment” to study celebrity and all its various permutations and interpretations….

Which basically makes him a fraud. Because if “performance art” is always going to be his escape hatch for whenever he f-cks up, then how is that in any way well-rounded? Artists are supposed to be challenged. And that’s the problem with James Franco right now. You cannot challenge him. You cannot criticise him. Any opinion of him that isn’t up his ass is automatically dismissed as biased and spiteful.

Fine then Franco. But how will you ever grow?

James Franco on WhoSay