James Franco wrote an article for The Daily Beast about his favourite subject: James Franco. The purpose of the piece, I think, is to educate us on how he chooses his roles now, reflecting on past experiences to explain how an important Artist, THIS important Artist, decides between all the opportunities presented to him, so as to fully engage his creativity.

In service of his lecture, Franco refers to his work on Tristan & Isolde, not a great movie, to be sure, and one that he calls a “big mistake”. Apparently they changed the script on him, and he trained for months for no reason, and he was hurt on set and the doctors in Prague are hacks who would have mangled his body.

I’m not exaggerating. Somehow, included in a lecture about his career, he felt the need to sh-t on the medical standards of the Czech Republic.

Franco then goes on to provide a one line description of some of his professional highlights. He informs us that he “earn(ed) rave reviews” for playing James Dean. He also applauds himself for his performance in 127 Hours.

Is there a sarcasm switch I need to turn on when reading his sh-t?

Look, I get it that at the beginning, the offerings might not be ideal. It’s the acting equivalent of the mailroom. But when you get to James Franco’s level, what is the value of pissing on the beginning except to gloat that you were so much better and it took people too long to figure it out? Few actors go from a first audition to Meryl Streep without stops at mediocrity in between. To expect that from the start is gross entitlement. To still expect that in a revisionist analysis of one’s resumé is horrifyingly arrogant which... I mean I guess that’s not new in any conversation about James Franco, who manages to make Rooney Mara sound humble.

Click here to read his full article. Really, you have to.

Attached - Franco promoting his new arty book The Dangerous Book Four Boys on Saturday at The Strand. And you know we’ll be hearing about his big appearance at The Strand now forever. I’m James Franco, Artist, and my book was presented at The Strand.

Um, you were also in Eat, Pray, Love.

F-ck off!