Even though he claims he’s no “expert”.

James Franco was interviewed by Howard Stern. And when you agree to be interviewed by Howard Stern, your publicist doesn’t get to go in there with a list of dos and don’ts. Well, he or she can try, but that list likely won’t be observed. And they’re stupid if they expect it to be.

Howard asks what he wants to ask. And James Franco is so hardcore, he thinks he can handle it. And this is how he handled Howard’s question about Anne Hathaway.

Stern: the whole Anne Hathaway Oscars thing...

Franco (pinches his forehead): OK OK. I'm happy to revisit this, but you're going to have to take the lead. If you're going to talk about it, you're going to have to give your opinions . . . She does not want me talking about this, but okay."

Sure, you pussy. Hide. You did it to her at the Oscars. Why stop now?

Stern: Everyone sort of hates Anne Hathaway, and I've explained that I do too and I don't know even know why sometimes. She's just so affected [and] actress-y that even when she wins an award she's out of breath, and then she has the standard joke that sounds like it's [been] written [for her]. And it all seems so scripted and acted. She comes off like the goody two-shoes actress and it's just fun to sort of hate her. Hate is a strong word . . . but [I] dislike her, even though she is a great actress. Is that accurate?

Franco: I’d..sss...I mean...I’m not... Uhhh... "I'm not an expert on -- I guess they're called 'Hatha-haters'--

Stern (chuckles): I never heard that...Hatha-haters

Franco (continues): But I think that's what maybe triggers it.

First of all, if you know the term “Hatha-haters”, you’re an expert. Because it means you’ve gone online. And you’ve clicked. And you’ve read about it. There’s no other course material required. As for what happened at the Oscars...

If we’re going to go back to those Oscars, when he totally bailed on her, or, as Tina Fey would say:



Unless...unless you want to disagree with Tina Fey?

I’m OK with Franco agreeing with Stern that Hathaway isn’t liked. But Stern also gave him an opportunity to do more. He put it out there that Annie is a “great actress”. And that’s all he needed to have turned his answer around. She IS indeed a great actress. HE is a very good actor. And you know what? He isn’t very well liked either if we’re gauging it by internet response.

Franco later acknowledged that although he and Hathaway aren’t close and haven’t spoken recently, they did work things out after the Oscars:

"Anne and I made up, by the way. Let's just get that on the record. It was a really hard time after the Oscars. She wasn't mad at me, I don't think . . . she didn't say she was mad at me for what happened . . . The critics were so nasty."

Big ups again for making it about himself there, non? He takes a sh-t at the Oscars, leaving her to overcompensate for his lack, and she’s not mad, and instead of highlighting that admirable quality, well, all he wants to say is that he was a victim of the critics. Of course.

James Franco was kinder to Lindsay Lohan than he was to Anne Hathaway.

Franco also addressed reports that he turned down having sex with troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. "I don't want to like brag about it," he said. "I don't know how that got out. She was having issues even then, so you feel weird," Franco explained. "Honestly, she was a friend. I've met a lot of people that are troubled and sometimes you don't want to do that."

Come ON.

Lindsay Lohan > Anne Hathaway?



Because for James Franco, Anne Hathaway might actually be better than he is. How about that?

Attached -- Franco at Letterman yesterday.