F-ck Michel Hazanavicius. The Artist is not a silent movie actor. The Artist is only James Franco. And when James Franco has an opinion, everyone must listen.

This time, he’s preaching to us about Andy Serkis. In an exclusive article written for Deadline, Franco submits an impassioned offensive on behalf of his Rise of the Apes co-star, arguing that Serkis’s Performance Capture is every bit as deserving of recognition as conventional acting, and therefore should be considered for an Oscar nomination.


This fool couldn’t bother to stay interested when he was hosting the Academy’s main event last year, but the Academy should listen to him anyway because - yes, you know it! - he WENT TO FILM SCHOOL. He is the multidisciplinary creative genius - James Franco, actor, director, sculptor, painter, installer, baller, comic, poet, and critic.

A James Franco opinion is WORTH MORE than any other opinion.

I’m not saying he doesn’t bring up some good points, even great points, because he does. But...

I don’t actually know if James Franco knows the difference between “its” and “it’s”.

Am assuming that Deadline didn’t bother editing or proofreading his piece because well, sh-t, why would a James Franco piece need to be reviewed? And so it was probably posted as he sent it. In serious need of a polish, and many commas.

Before you throw your fan hand up and start defending him...

James Franco was enrolled in an English PhD program at Yale. He’s also admitted to the Creative Writing PhD program at the University of Houston. For a student at his level, one erroneous “it’s” can be forgiven, I guess, on a generous stretch, but how about another erroneous “it’s” in the very next paragraph?

Some of you may consider this to be nitpicking. I consider it Expectation. He’s the one telling me he’s the authority, qualified on account of his experience and education. And how, exactly, has he demonstrated this?

I’m not asking for James Franco to be perfect. My problem with James Franco is that he’s not humble enough. It’s the arrogance that invites the criticism.

Click here to read his piece.  I’ve also, just in case, screen-capped two examples of the aforementioned mistakes. There are many more. I look forward to you pointing them out to me...Lorella.