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We linked to this story in Smutty Tingles yesterday but some of you have asked for my thoughts.

One thought: these are the moves that put him at the top of my Freebie 5.

So James has committed to a stint on the soap opera General Hospital. Apparently he was the one who initiated the process and will enjoy a multi week story arc starting on November 20th shooting all scenes one day a week so that he can focus on his other activities. Like pursuing graduate degrees at multiple institutions.

Is he poor?

Is his career in the sh-ts?


James Franco doesn’t exactly need the street cred. He is a Golden Globe winner and multiple nominee, he’s in with Judd Apatow and Sean Penn, he just played Allen Ginsberg in Howl and wrapped on Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts. On the money front, he is the face of Gucci Pour Homme. So no, he’s not cash strapped. James Franco is simply curious. This is the move of a man who has the LUXURY to be curious.

Jessica Biel belongs on soap operas. This is why she so desperately has to avoid them. James Franco obviously doesn’t belong on soap operas. This is why his courting them is a sexy quirky play. He could be doing it to fulfill a course requirement. Or maybe it’s for training and discipline. Soap opera workload is heavy. It’s pages and pages of dialogue a day. On a film set, you’re lucky if you whip through 4 pages. On a soap opera it’s easily dozens, if not more. So while the experience may not be terribly artistically challenging, it is a good training ground for some core basics.

Here’s a celebrated actor who doesn’t feel he’s above daytime television. It only adds to the quiver.

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