Lorne loves Franco

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 25, 2009 15:46:34 November 25, 2009 15:46:34

James Franco will host the final Saturday Night Live of 2009 on December 19. Jumpy claps! It’ll be his second (and a half) appearance. Which means Lorne Michaels likes him. The last time James appeared it was a few weeks ago during the What Up With That sketch and the whole point, of course, is that Deandre Cole never stops singing long enough to let his guests speak. When Jason Sudeikis starts dancing in his track suit, it’s the best sh-t ever.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been enjoying James every night on General Hospital (PVR). It’s the best and worst cheese ever.

“Franco” is Carter, underscoring yet again that he and Carter are up to something.

Here’s a video of JF discussing his GH role (thanks Natasha):

And click here for a fascinating description of what James does when he’s uncomfortable. I would have totally approached him. No, I lie. I would have stared, like the writer, and then recounted it later on.


Just realised…

We are in New York December 15 – 20. And James on SNL is December 19th. Will send Jacek off to find Portman and Kunis. I have a longstanding appointment with Franco’s lap.

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