I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL arrived at Letterman yesterday to pre-tape an interview to air Friday in support of his new film Your Highness. Danny McBride was also in studio, his appearance aired last night. I really, really want Your Highness to be as funny as its trailer. Really do. But I keep hearing it sucks. Am refusing to accept this, even though James Franco I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL has been so insufferably insufferable and in a way, it would be great if he bombs at the box office the way he did at the Oscars. Humble his ass a little. But that’s not fair to Danny.

Can we talk about the Thigh Thickness? I mean, I know the wind is blowing and there’s a cell phone tucked into his pocket but… proportionally, especially with such a lean face, I’m just not feeling the thigh to everything else ratio. And with the shiny material too… that’s a quiver killer, even without the film school namechecking.

Speaking of film school…

Not only is he GOING to film school, apparently he’ll be TEACHING at film school too.

NYU. Third year graduate class. Something about adapting poetry into short films. This ON TOP of some other class at Columbia College Hollywood working with students to make a movie based on his own movies. There’s a LOT of FILM SCHOOL in our future.

Please. PLEASE let Letterman ride him a little on sucking at the Oscars, from a man who knows about sucking at the Oscars. I’ll take Uma/Oprah over Franco any time.

Photos from Wenn.com and Fame