Here are James Franco and Seth Rogen with some puppies on the set of their new movie. So… about that Bound 2 parody video that they made…

Wasn’t funny to me. Sorry?

I thought the original was funny. Like, hilarious. James and Seth? Not really. What’s the gag? That two straight dudes are simulating the sex? Not my kind of humour. 

Any gains that Franco made with everything though, well, trust him to kill them right away. Thanks to Ellen for sending me this quote. It was written by Franco a while ago but I’d not read it before. Franco is being considered for Oscar Best Supporting Actor for his work in Spring Breakers which, as I’ve said before, is great. He delivers an outstanding performance. He would agree with me on this. But it’s not important what I think. It’s more important what Werner Herzog thinks. And he wanted to share that with all of us, of course he did.

"There will never be a movie or a character that is more important for this age than 'Spring Breakers' and its protagonist Alien. As Harmony Korine’s friend Werner Herzog said to me on the phone call of all phone calls -- I was out in North Carolina, sitting in a little Mexican restaurant called Cocula that I frequent on my lunch breaks from the low-residency writing MFA program at Warren Wilson College, just staring out the window that’s frosted over with a map of Mexico, at the dirty field across the roadway -- when he told me that my performance in the film made De Niro in 'Taxi Driver' look like a kindergartener, and that the film was the most important film of the decade. Imagine in a distinct German accent: 'Three hundred years from now, when people want to look back at dis time, dey won’t go to the Obama inauguration speech, dey will go to 'Spring Breakers.'"

Well there you go.

He couldn’t be bothered to just suck it up and try harder at the Oscars, but he totally thinks he should win one. OK.