For all their meticulous strategising and media manipulation, there is one wildcard the Pitts cannot control – Angelina Jolie’s brother who routinely shoots his mouth off under the pretense of defending his sister, but really because he probably jerks off to seeing his name in print. Or maybe he needs money and this is his semi-annual way of hittin’ up his brother in law?

Whatever the reason, he f&cked up again.

Speaking to Grazia Magazine in the UK re: why HE THINKS Angie skipped out on the Night Before Oscar party, avoiding a smackdown with Jennifer Aniston:

"Angie is an incredibly strong but also incredibly sensitive woman, and she would always be careful when another woman"s feelings are concerned. She"d go out of her way to make sure there was no situation that would hurt another woman because of her, and I"m talking about a situation like one of Brad"s ex partners or his ex-wife."

Thank you James Haven for keeping it alive. The Triangle Lives! Forever! Brad and Angie vs Jen and the MiniVan Majority!

Can’t say it any better than the incomparable Michael K from dListed:

I don"t trust anyone with child toucher eyes.

Child toucher eyes! Are you dying???

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