James Marsden rides the D Train

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 1, 2015 16:14:04 April 1, 2015 16:14:04

I know there are a few of you out there who are into James Marsden, but he doesn’t leave a lot of openings, as it were. So enjoy him, looking super hot in a douchebaggy way, in the new trailer for The D Train, a comedy with Jack Black that premiered earlier this year at Sundance. I prefer Black in uptight weirdo mode (see also: Bernie), and I’m also into the presence of Kathryn Hahn and Enlightened’s Mike White. This is a talented comedic cast bolstering what sounds like an iffy plot—the unpopular guy (Black) tries to save his high school reunion by getting the popular guy (Marsden) to go.

Here’s where I’m intrigued though—there’s a major plot point involving bisexuality that’s barely hinted at in the trailer. Recent comedies have not done well with LGBT representation, and I’m curious to see if The D Train is just another example of lazy, homophobic comedy, or if maybe it has something interesting and insightful to offer on the subject. It’s not that I’m getting my hopes up and expecting miracles, but recently here in America we’ve been having a bit of a tolerance issue and it would be nice if at least one movie would remember that the LGBT community is made up of f*cking real people who deserve equality and respect, and treat LGBT characters as such. The easier it is to laugh at someone’s sexuality, the easier it is to dismiss it as unworthy of defense, and there are already too many people willing to be dismissive.

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