It’s a curious box office this weekend. Will be interested to see how much tween cash money Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never can pull in compared to Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s Just Go With It. Never Say Never is actually getting some good reviews. I’m telling you.

Just Go With It meanwhile, as expected, has received some early hate from critics. Roger Ebert called it “dumb”. Well, I suppose neither Sandler nor Aniston have a great record in that respect. But everyone is watching to see if their combined box office can meet expectations.

And then there’s James McAvoy’s voice in Gnomeo & Juliet. Variety is calling it a “winning proposition”. But will the people who see movies these days embrace Shakespeare? This is James today in London arriving at ITV Studios for a final promotional push. Speaking of James, the first trailer for X-Men First Class will be released online some time today on Facebook. You have to be a Facebook user to be able to see it here. This means I’ll have to wait until someone throws it on Youtube, hopefully.

Also in theaters, Channing Tatum grunts his way back into theatres in The Eagle. He wears armour and fights valiantly. So you can turn your brain off for 90 minutes.

And finally there’s Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms, John C Reilly, and Anne Heche, the best reviewed of the lot. I saw this film for Sundance. I liked it. It’s a little derivative, sure, in that small movie, everything is brown and wood panelled, we’re just the underdog in the corner kind of way, with an Up In The Air vibe, only Ed Helms as the poor man’s George Clooney. But there also are some really, really wonderful comedic moments too, like laugh out loud great, and the chemistry between the actors is amazing, even if it’s a bit too obvious what the intentions are. I think you’ll enjoy it.

So there’s something for everyone. What will you choose?

Photos from Simon Earl/