Atonement. Remember how gross Benedict Cumberbatch was in Atonement? It’s a testament to his skill as an actor but I can’t help but hold it against him anyway. Poor Robbie took the fall for Paul’s underage creeping! Can you be TOO good at your job?

Atonement was the second time James McAvoy and Cumberbatch worked together, having previously co-starred in Starter For Ten which I quite liked and think is underrated though I can’t remember Bendy in it at all. Now he and James will be collaborating on their third film and it looks like they’re returning to archetype with Cumberbatch playing creepy Julian Assange and McAvoy his former WikiLeaks lieutenant Daniel Domscheit-Berg, based on an unflattering book Domscheit-Berg wrote about Assange being an amoral famewhore. Pretty sure Bendy won’t be making it onto my Five List any time soon then.

Here he is in London today walking around in a fox shirt shopping with a friend. And McAvoy the other night at a charity event with really good hair.